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  • Clare & Teresa || by Norihiro Yagi from Claymore Artbook.
    I saw this one online, but it was pinkish(?) & the quality wasn’t good..
    so, here a better one..
    it’s -somewhat- resemble the last 2 chapters..


Haunting passage from the Claymore manga.

"I always thought my best feature was my long black hair.

But the people I trusted sold me to the organization, and on that day I lost everything.

To die as a beggar or become a tool of the organization… I didn’t have much choice.

It wasn’t just me, either. It was like that for everyone who joined.

No one ever willingly comes knocking on the Organization’s door.

My body was cut open, too.

I ceased to be human and became something else.

In that moment, my cherished black hair, my black eyes - all of the color…

… drained from my body, leaving only these silver eyes.”

Teresa of the Faint Smile


Dauf & Riful by 不衰の衰衰  

Alicia and Beth


Favorite female characters: 17/??
God-Eye Galatea - Claymore

"Oh, I underestimated you. I see you can use that head of yours once in a while."

The Awakened Beings — the monsters all warriors are destined to become.


Claymore - Sword by Pheasant People (雉   人).


This is the best cosplay I have ever seen O_O

Character: Isley of the North
Anime: Claymore
Source: http://www.speedknight.com/2013/06/funan-anime-matsuri-2013-report.html?m=1